NRG Park Facilities

From the world's first domed stadium to the world's first retractable roof, air-conditioned football stadium, NRG Park has established itself as the premier sports, entertainment and convention complex in the country. Because of the distinct versatility offered by the venues, 1 or all of our 4 facilities can accommodate your needs no matter what the event. From the most critical business meeting to the most awe-inspiring performance, we invite you to use your full imagination and our skills to provide you with the ultimate event experience.


NRG Stadium

NRG Stadium is the only rodeo and NFL indoor/outdoor retractable roof stadium that can be configured to utilize a 125,000 square foot space for general sessions, catered functions, exhibits, concerts, and much more. In addition, NRG Stadium offers four massive concourse levels for special events. The design of the stadium roof provides a very flexible rigging configuration for major audio and visual presentations. 196 suites complement NRG Stadium

NRG Center

NRG Center Offering over 706,000 square feet of contiguous single-level exhibit space divisible into 11 separate halls, NRG Center boasts 59 meeting rooms configurable into over 100 variations, 2 major conference centers, 118 loading bays, over 150,000 square feet of registration space. NRG Center is equipped with a technological infrastructure capable of providing high-speed internet access, pre-wired fiber optic cabling backbone, on-site production facilities, 120 television monitors, and web-casting abilities. Exclusive services include on-site support from telephone and internet, electrical, food and beverage, rigging, security and event staffing. Each meeting room has its own dedicated sound, lighting and networking capabilities. A 280,000 square foot marshalling area on-site with over 200,000 square feet of space for shuttle transportation.

NRG Arena

With fixed seating in the main arena for 5,800 and floor space encompassing approximately 25,000 square feet, NRG Arena is ideal for general sessions and events for less than 10,000. *NRG Arena's Pavilion* also provides 1,700 fixed seats and is surrounded by over 325,000 square feet of exhibit space divisible into four halls. NRG Arena also includes over 18,000 square feet of meeting space.

NRG Astrodome

Formerly known as the Astrodome, this facility can accommodate 65,000 guests and has a floor space of 140,000 contiguous square feet of column free space for exhibits, general sessions, food and beverage events and concerts. NRG Astrodome has over 20,000 square feet of meeting space and 115 suites