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Reliant Park can offer today's college student a unique opportunity to work at one of the most beautiful and unique sports, entertainment and convention venues in the world. We have an organizational capacity to offer a wide variety of internship positions throughout the year. Opportunities may fall into the following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Event Services
  • Ticketing (Sales & Service)
  • Human Resources
  • MIS (Management Information Systems)

We understand that the requirements of each intern can vary by program, major, school, and personal preference. We have carefully and thoughtfully designed our internship program in conjunction with colleges and universities in the state of Texas. By working directly with Texas institutions, we feel we have created a program that is not only flexible enough to accommodate an intern's varying career preferences, but it is structured so that each intern can complete all academic requirements.
With our internship program in place, our mission is to attract outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines who have a clear interest and commitment to a career in sports and entertainment or public assembly venue marketing/management. We feel we can offer interested candidates the most comprehensive opportunity to gain college credit while providing real-world experience at a major public assembly facility, in order to attain the skills and experience to compete for positions in a variety of related industries.

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Application Process

We accept applications for our internship program throughout the year.  All completed submissions must be received by the Human Resources Department no later than three weeks before the requested school term.  All of the items must be sent at the same time and in one envelope in order to be considered. Submissions will be considered in the order they are received.  Send all items to:

Reliant Park 
Attention: SMG Human Resources Manager (Job Code-Intern) 
One Reliant Park 
Houston, Texas 77054


A formal application consists of all of the following items:

A. Current resume.
B. Two (2) letters of reference one (1) of which should be written by a professor or teacher of choice addressing skills acquired and general aptitude. These letters need to be sent as part of the application, not separately.
C. Answers to the following questions:

1. What do you hope to achieve in your internship? (50 words or less)
2. What skills do you want to refine? (50 words or less)
3. What areas of our industry are of particular interest to you? (50 words or less)
4. What are your strengths? (50 words or less)
5. Why did you decide to pursue this industry as a career? (50 words or less)

All of the items must be sent at the same time in one envelope in order to be considered. Send all items to:

Reliant Park
Attention: SMG Human Resources Manager (Job Code-Intern)
One Reliant Park
Houston, Texas 77054

Once all of the applications for an internship position are reviewed, Human Resources will forward all qualified candidates to the director of applicable departments, for additional review. We will interview candidates whose credentials, experience and interests are most equivalent to the available internship position. All other candidates will be encouraged to re-submit an application for other internship opportunities within our organization, as they become available.

All notifications will be sent via U.S. mail or email. No phone calls please.

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Screening and Hiring Process

The Telephone Interview
After reviewing applications and selecting intern candidates, we will conduct a series of telephone interviews. Each candidate will be required to interview with the Human Resources Manager and one department director or manager in regards to the available position. The Human Resources Department will contact candidates to schedule phone interviews.

The phone interview will last approximately 20 minutes, during which we will determine if the candidate is truly motivated and has the level of experience required for the available internship position.

The In-person Interview
Once all of the phone interviews are conducted, the department director or manager will narrow their choice of candidates for an interview.  The Human Resources Department will contact candidates to schedule the interview.

The majority of this interview will focus on the candidate's ability to solve problems and react to certain situations by discussing real-life scenarios that can happen on a day-to-day basis during the internship term. The candidate may also have the opportunity to meet key individuals or other relevant associates within the organization.

Hiring Details
After all of the interviews are conducted, the Human Resources Department will contact the candidate we feel best meets our criteria and offer the intern position.

On or before the internship start date, the intern will be required to report to the Human Resource Department. The Human Resources Department will advise the candidate of this expected date.

Reliant Park is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, creed, national origin or ethnicity, disability or handicap. We comply with all local, state and federal employment laws.

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Exit Interview and Evaluation Process

In order to help maintain a quality internship program, we have adopted a formal exit interview and evaluation process. Through this process, we can determine if our interns are leaving having had an exceptional experience. We can also gain valuable feedback that can be incorporated into future program planning.

At the conclusion of an internship, each intern will be expected to participate in the formal exit interview process. The exit interview will consist of an open discussion and may include such topics as:

  • Did you achieve your personal goals for this internship?
    • Please explain.
  • Did additional goals evolve as the internship progressed?
    • Please explain.
  • What do you feel was your most important contribution to your internship?
  • Have your academic and career goals changed? If so, how?
  • What impact did this experience have on your personal growth?
  • How could your internship experience been improved?
  • Have your academic and career goals changed? If so, how?
  • What personal strengths have you discovered through your internship experience?
  • In what areas do you need improvement?

If the college or university does not provide an evaluation form, we are prepared to have each intern fill out our own Intern Evaluation Form. During the exit interview, together, both the intern and his/her supervisor will answer the evaluation questions provided by the college or the questions on our Intern Evaluation Form. By completing the evaluation together, both parties can openly discuss the intern's strengths and weaknesses and assess measures to improve performance and expand capabilities. The intern will retain a copy of the evaluation.

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Daily Activities Log

We will require each intern to keep a Daily Activities Log. The Activities Log will include the date and specific tasks or projects accomplished each day by the Intern.

In addition, the intern should include any other information required by the college or university. Log entries may be entered in a Word document. All Daily Activities Logs are to become property of Reliant Park. Each intern will also be allowed to retain a copy of his or her log. 

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Attendance Policy
We will strictly enforce an attendance policy for all interns. Internship hours will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the beginning of the internship. Interns are expected to work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week.

In the event the intern shows disregard for this policy, we do reserve the right to terminate the internship at any time. Examples of disregarding the policy are as follows:

  • Arriving late without a call to a supervisor
  • Arriving late on a consistent basis
  • Not arriving to work at all
  • Leaving early without permission
  • Leaving for an inappropriate amount of time during the day without permission

Should an academic schedule affect the intern’s ability to adhere to the above, a written note from the college or university is required.

Most Reliant Park Internship positions are non-paid.

Free parking is provided to all Interns.

We do not provide housing.

We do not provide meals.

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